Successful Advertising Strategies

Advertising is mainly process which makes goods popular. We can also say that advertising is a technique of influencing the minds. Different mediums Can be used for advertising purpose for example Radio, T.V, Newspaper, Magazines, Agents, gift scheme, Posters and Cinema slides e.t.c. But basic idea behind all these media is how to promote goods. And a proper strategy is needed for positive results.Expenditures on advertisement as considered as profitable investment. Organizations handle advertisement in a number of ways. In small companies advertisement is handled by some one in marketing department or sales department how work with any advertising agency but in a large company can will often setup its own department how’s manager reports to vise president of marketing. The advertising job is to propose a budget develop powerful advertising strategy and approve ads and campaign. Advertising strategy can be classified according to weather their aim is to inform persuade reminds in reinforce.

Informative advertising aims to create awareness and knowledge of new products or new feature of advertising products..Persuasive advertising aims to create liking, preferences, conviction and purchase of product.Reminder advertisement strategy aims to stimulate repeat purchase of product.

Any advertising strategy is emerged from analysis of market situation. If product class is mature, the company is market leader and brand usage is low and there should be a proper strategy to stimulate more usage.If the product class is new, the company is not market leader but brand is superior to leader and proper strategy is to convince the market of brand’s superior.In fact to start any project proper strategies is needed and then follow line of action to get desired results.